4 Straight Days of Egg Yolk Liver Flushing with my 8 year old Boy

It was a great experience buddying up with my 8 year old son for his egg yolk liver flushing which went on 4 consecutive days last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

As some of you who have followed, my son was diagnosed with tuberculosis in his chest X-ray and it is apparent that he looks malnourished and not thriving.

One aspect of the problem is not enough good food.  Another aspect is mal-absorption of food.

So to clear up mal-absorption of food my son is on paleo diet, usually mono meals, we got rid of rice and he is on high fat diet with fruits as his carbs.

Another thing to improve his digestion is to clean or tone his liver.  A few days prior I bought a few cartons of Harvey Crushed apple juice to move the liver. We then proceeded to do a 4 day egg yolk liver flush.  This is great because there are no chemicals involved like those epsom salts in Hulda Clark’s version of the liver flush.  This is very easy a little boy can do it.

Every morning around 6:30am:

I measured around 1/6th cup of raw chicken egg yolks mixed with 1/4th cup of freshly squeezed calamansi juice which my boy drank.  Then followed it up with 2 tablespoons of unsalted Anchor Butter (yellow grass fed butter from New Zealand).

I then asked my boy to lie down for 20 minutes.

I did the same things he did but of course I used more material than him.  I lied down just the same.

It was all very easy.  I got some benefit myself.  Mosquito bites seem to heal quicker.

My boy had a blast… he was relieved to be finished by Thursday.  What was hard for him is eating that much plain butter with no salt added.

He then requested to do a 1 day orange juice fast soon!

Learn to do egg yolk liver flushing yourself with these instructions. Click Here.


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