My 8 year old Boy does a 1 day Orange Juice Fast with me

Funny it was my 8 year old boy who requested me that he do a 1 day orange juice fast. Maybe I talk too much about these techniques. It’s a good idea, I teach the kid these tricks while he is young he grows up knowing how to do these himself. So this Saturday was the orange juice fast day… F-A-S-T not FEAST… okay? Just making myself heard clearly.

I learned orange juice fasting from Barefoot Herbalist MH, I had done 3 days fasts and a 14 day orange juice fast. Lately I do not feel the need to do any fasting since I am on a raw paleo diet with raw meat… raw meat is different, it’s clean… unlike cooked meat that makes me want to fast every now and then.

In Barefoot’s orange juice fast he recommended 8 oranges a day and to supplement with soy lecithin for fats. I never liked the soy lecithin I got and tried in the past so for my son I got him fertilized native chicken egg yolks instead. And since he is small, I just gave him 4 oranges. We got allegedly valencia type oranges from the market.

I think the best part he and his siblings liked was juicing the oranges in the juicer. Nannie Jean helped out and the kids had fun taking turns on the orange juicer eventually juicing 12 oranges.

My son’s orange juice fast went really smooth I was pleasantly surprised. 7:30 am was the first glass of orange juice with water he drank. I just had half an orange squeezed plus half a glass of water. We put all the squeezed orange juice in a bottle for easy access. My boy would just fill in his own glass and drink by himself every 2 hours. And he kept playing all day with his x-stick, we went to the mall, and he went to his cousin’s house. The whole day he must have taken 5 small chicken egg yolks… these are native chicken RAW egg yolks… pretty small.

My wife was playing devil’s advocate offering my son food at the dinner table. My son and I finished our last glass of orange juice while my wife and my in laws feasted on grilled in banana leaves tuna jaw, fresh raw tuna from general santos city, salad greens and Japanese goma sauce. I played orange juice fast buddy to my son so he found it very easy to resist any food smell or offerings… and he even witnessed during mid afternoon snack his 2 siblings eat fresh durian!!!

Before bed he pooped. No need for an enema as specified in the orange juice fast manual.

My boy was excited to get a good night’s sleep to wake up to a durian breakfast.

I hope this fast enhances his digestive capabilities.

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