3 day Orange Juice Fast is Too Easy

I’m on my 3rd day of orange juice fasting and it is too easy. My 8 year old boy called for this fast but stopped after 1 day. My mindset was on 3 days so I continued on. This is too easy. I would like to gun for a 21 day orange juice fast in January or February.

On my 2nd day of orange juice fasting yesterday morning I decided to buy a fresh raw coconut. Malakanin consistency aka with some thick but scoopable raw coconut meat / fat because I want to use this raw fat to make my bowels move instead of those dreaded chemical epsom salts. As a principle in orange juice fasting, you want to move your bowels daily. So the coconut meat / fat did the trick, I moved. And this 3rd day in the morning I moved again so no need to eat more coconut meat. And yesterday on the 2nd day I did some pool swimming with my kids.

This 3rd day at lunch I have a meeting with a customer who flew in from out of the country. The staff is eating, I’m just there for the meeting, I made it clear with the customer that I’m on a 3 day fast and this is my last day.

What can I say about this fast? It’s too easy. I think my adaptation to a high fat low carb raw diet has allowed me to have steady blood sugar levels. I don’t get hungry, I don’t get hypoglycemia symptoms. I’m now confident I can attempt a 21 day orange juice fast. I don’t like enemas so I will be using coconut meat fat as a bowel moving aid as I see fit.

I’ll fatten up some more and then attempt a 21 day orange juice fast. Maybe when I hit 135 pounds I’ll do the next long fast.

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