Breast Cancer Now the Most Common Cancer in the Philippines: Top 10 Reasons Why

Warning: I am on a Ranting Rampage. Problem: The Department of Health recently released a report that shows breast cancer is now the most common cancer in the Philippines. Breast Cancer comprises 16% of 50,000 cases of cancer diagnoses made. The Philippine Breast Cancer Network says that the Philippines has the highest incidence of cancer in Asia.

Problem defined: So breast cancer is getting to be more common. If out of the 50,000 cases of cancer, 25,000 are women as a guess, then it shows that breast cancer may be 32% of all the cases of women with cancer.

Possible causes: According to my cancer cure education, these are my initial educated guesses regarding the high prevalence of breast cancer in the Philippines.

1. Poor blood circulation, restricted blood circulation in the breast area due to wearing of brassieres, bras. Bras are a root cause of poor circulation. Human women were not meant to wear bras. Filipinas in the recent decades were brainwashed to wear bras. Camisons went out of fashion. Nipple phobia has gripped the population. Push up bras became popular to give the illusion that the Filipina has larger breasts. Ignorance abounds with the superstition of bra wearing, multitudes of women wear these breast traps 24 hours a day, yes, even during sleeping hours.

2. Childlessness. If you look at the fertility rates, there has been a drastic steep decline in child bearing. From a high of 7 children per woman in the 1960s, down to 1.7 children per woman today in Metro Manila. So it is a use it or lose it scenario. Breasts are un-sucked, un-suckled, un-used. Plus the bad circulation above. Child bearing means a time when less bra use. Means there is a time when there are two pancreas working together to clean the blood.

Contraceptive chemicals. The idiotic notion that chemicalizing your body daily to be a sex toy is actually good for your health. Daily birth control pills, chemicalized iuds, hormonal patches, injectible contraceptives, etc. All forms of gadgets to neuter women. Is neutering women healthy? Of course not.

3. Toxic food. From organic, grass fed, ocean wild food to factory farmed food. The most common food these days are factory farmed bangus, factory farmed tilapia, factory farmed hito, factory farmed chicken, factory farmed pigs – all fed with GMO feeds. Plus pesticide laden white rice + aluminum rice cookers. Plus pesticide laden vegetables. Plus fake factory made condiments like factory made chemical vinegar, and factory colored and merely pressed soy sauce. Plus commercial condiments like factory ketchup, factory mayonnaise, factory margarine, factory vegetable cooking oils for frying. Toxic daily processed dairy. Plus the noon time show advertising of MSG and chemical sache mixes has been totally effective as daily seasoning instead of making it from scratch. Chemical drinks of colored liquids instead of plain old water. This is today’s Filipino staple food. Dirty and toxic to the core.

Inflammation promoting foods are the most popular: potatoes in french fries, tomatoes in everything, eggplants, bell peppers, seeds of all kinds, especially mongo seeds and all the wrong fats (margarine, mayonnaise, cooking oil) that cause umpteen inflammations. Wheat, wheat, wheat is in everything everywhere!

4. Tooth decay. What do you expect from carbohydrate crazy Filipinos? Sugar, rice, corn, wheat, potatoes, puto, pasta, spaghetti, noodles, etc. And they actually believe the food pyramid of crazy carbs. Mercury fillings were prevalent in the older people afflicted today. Mercury being the most toxic metal on earth. Lots of tooth decay means lots of root canal work where root canals leave dead teeth latched on to jaw bones. With dead material there and bacterial colonization in jaw bone pockets due to such, root canals are another root cause of cancer.

5. Chemical overdosing with personal care products. Daily bombardment of chemical shampoo, chemical soap, chemical perfumes, chemical deodorants, chemical make-ups, chemical lotions, chemical sun-block, chemical laundry, chemical dish wash, etc.

6. Chemicalizing and poisoning of home and work environment with chemical fragrances, pesticides, germicides, anti-bacterial everything, etc.

7. Daily symptom suppression over the counter drugs that suppress natural detoxification like cold suppressants, cough suppressants, fever suppressants, pain suppressants, etc, ad nauseated.

8. Even for those who can afford it. The usual organized mafia cancer treatment does not work because their very education about cancer and human health is upside down. Why would you seek treatment from people who say they have NO CURE FOR CANCER? Would you bring your BMW to a shop that says WE DON’T FIX BMWs? These ignorant slobs don’t even know the basics of detox and nutrition. They are just as sick as the rest of the population.

9. The mass tri-media has to bow down to advertisers of said products and the organized cancer treatment mafia, because they are brainwashed themselves, they are sick themselves, and must toe the mafia line or lose advertising revenue.

10. More women work nowadays. in fact women form the majority of the work force because they are preferred by the employing entities. Work hazards such as upside down sleeping times are now prevalent. Do you think that is healthy? They don’t get any sunshine. Their method of keeping alert is chemicalizing themselves with caffeine and sugar. And their after work entertainment is drowning in alcoholic beverages?

Even knowledgeable department of health officials will dare not make official statements as deranged as mine because the entire Philippine economy depends on the status quo.

What I see is that the very urban economic model and system of money is what victimizes our population by weeding out un-profitable healthy items whatever they may be… including the very foundation of education was re-written by those with commercial interests. It is not necessarily 1 single conspiracy, but a multitude of conspiracies, a beehive of economic and commercial conspiracies because everyone has to make money off of everyone.

While the good guys, the real healers who cure cancers everyday are sidelined and called crack pots. Well me and my family will be laughing our way to disease free old age and definitely breast cancer free old age.

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