Flight Attendants Dancing to Lady Gaga Tune in Cebu Pacific Airlines

Oh wow!  Super hot!  These flight safety instructions are the best I’ve ever seen!  I know now that every Cebu Pacific flight passenger will be fully briefed, all eyes on the flight attendants dancing to Lady Gaga’s tune.  One thing’s for sure, the innovative management of Cebu Pacific is so serious on safety they cooked up this idea.  And did I mention the flight attendants were pretty and sexy and and and….

Here is the video of the actual dance with a passenger taking an amateur video: “Something interesting happened on my cebu pacific flight this afternoon. the Flight Attendants suddenly burst into a dance!!! That was soooo cooool!!!

And here is another video of the Cebu Pacific flight attendance at dance practice.


Coffee Tea or Dancing Flight Attendants Training Class with Karen Tracy Vitug dancing in the plane AND NOW FAMOUS – MIB Studios Re-Edit 2010 – Cebu Pacific Airlines – Dancing Flight attendants – Lady Ga Ga Just Dance – HOT & SEXY MAMA”

These are the best flight safety instructions demonstration in the whole world! Let’s see the other airlines jump into this trend!

I’m taking Cebu Pacific next time!

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