Typhoon Juan Forces Us to Evacuate Marikina Monday Morning

We have been monitoring good old Pag-Asa website and see the movement of Typhoon Juan dragging its feet to 20 kph as it hits land and now moving west south west. Now my engineering angles tell me where west south west is headed and it seems it may hit metro manila, marikina and other northern fringes of metro manila directly. It’s enough to make us pack up our investment in children and move our most precious investments, our children to higher ground.

I woke up before 5am and saw the satellite map. The typhoon had changed course to west south west. It will not just graze the top of luzon, the eye was at a level of central luzon. And with west south west movement and still on the ocean, there is a good probability it will go south even further and hit Rizal, Marikina as we are first in line of the conglomerate city Metro Manila.

My wife took all her harps up the 2nd floor. I put the desktop server computer in my car. Our precious kids were taken to their grandparents’ condominium in The Fort. Some maids chose to stay. It’s their choice.

I’m now in my office in Cubao starting the day. I have a meeting with a customer at 10am. Lots of things to do in the office today.

The kids are hopefully safer there and I’ll probably sleep at the condominium with them tonight.

Better to be safe than sorry!

West South west Means Typhoon Juan may hit us directly

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