Uncle A’s Brain Tumor and Lung Tumor Progresses with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea Colon Cleansing and Egg Yolk Liver Flushing

Uncle A has been diagnosed with a tumor at the top of his right lung and a more troublesome tumor in his brain that adds pressure and bothers him by deafening his left ear and giving him vertigo symptoms. Uncle A in the province has been doing his vegetable / fruit juicing as mimicked from his neighbor and some steamed fish and kinilaw fish. Finally they were sent Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for colon cleansing, they found a source for avocado leaves for kidney cleansing and I sent them raw duck eggs for liver flushing.

Coffee has been the big bad culprit and he has minimized his intake and just cheats 1 to 2 times a week. It’s time for that to go down to zero. Cigarette smoking has gone down to 1 to 3 sticks a day. Slow and steady progress for addicted people. I told his wife not to fight over the cigarettes, maybe fighting over coffee is better.

So here is my latest email to them:

Hi Auntie,

I am sending you 12 Duck eggs tomorrow this time via a new kind of container. Maybe this will survive the trip. LBC on holiday today so I will send it tomorrow morning.

What to expect in the next stage of treatment:

1. Egg yolk liver flushing 4 days straight a week, rest for 3 days, then repeat the process.

2. The number of egg yolk liver flushing to do is a lot. Let’s do the math. 4 egg yolk liver flushes = 1 olive oil liver flush. Andreas Moritz recommends a minimum of 10 olive oil liver flushes for sick people. So that will be 40 egg yolk liver flushes at the minimum. I myself did 20++ olive oil liver flushes. Until I discovered that egg yolk liver flushes were more convenient and more effective.

3. You need to report to me how the egg yolk liver flush went. How he felt. How his poop smells. Expect canal / sewage smell coming from the liver, that is not poo poo, that is liver garbage. You need many liver flushes to expel all the garbage and at the same time regenerate the liver.

4. So you need a good supply of eggs. One possibility uncle told me is you have a friend who makes salted duck eggs. Maybe she can sell you the fresh eggs. I recommend duck eggs because they are usually fertilized. Ducks need males to lay eggs.

5. You need to do avocado leaves tea kidney cleansing on the same day you do an egg yolk liver flush to clean the blood and kidneys from the dirt dumped by the liver.

6. When the liver flushes take effect, you will feel an ENERGY UPGRADE, an energy surge. This is AWESOME! You will feel stronger and you will be stronger. This will encourage you and increase your morale.

7. When the liver flushes take effect, you will want to eat more meat. More raw meat. For now fish is okay. Kinilaw. Move on to raw. The fatter the fish the better. I recommend sword fish / blue marlin… different from malasugi. Blue marlin is super fat. We will be venturing into fat fat fat fat fat territory.

8. By then you will be ready for RED MEAT. You need rare / raw red meat from grass fed beef. With lots of yellow FAT.

9. You will start to let go of the vegetables juicing and move on to rare / raw red meat FATs. You will move to a HIGH FAT diet / low carbohydrate diet. Carbs only coming from fruit in season and coconuts.

10. You will then be ready for the VCO detox as I explain in http://tinyurl.com/vcodetox this is a 100% fat diet for 3 days with 0 carbs and 0 protein. This is the miracle treatment you will look forward to. This is the thing to will shrink the brain tumor and will let you hear again and regain your balance.

So I’m working you up on the nutrition department so you can do the vco detox which is otherwise impossible for you to do at this malnourished moment in time. I hope you find this as exciting as I do.

And this just in the email this morning emailed at 3:52am

result of liver flushing:

hi edwin, your uncle was able to expel some gallstones early this morning, thank God and thanks to your help. Good morning.

You are welcome. This is just the beginning of expelling more and more stones all the while rebuilding the liver with raw red meat and raw animal fats. Just as expected. Cancer progression is always constipating the colon first, then the kidneys, then the liver. Now their morale will be high. Now they know this is the right path. Now this will be another success story in the making.

I must remember to send them a new dozen duck eggs via a new plastic tough container.