Genetically Modified Eggplants in UP Uprooted on order from Davao City Government

Awesome! A government body that is working for the benefit of the people. Genetically modified eggplants were being planted by UP-Mindanao. Due to some technicality, they were ordered uprooted. How about going further and pass an ordinance never to plant those horrid unnatural corporate freaks that have historically contaminated crops, decimated land, injured animals, injured people and impoverished peoples by funneling a monopoly towards a giant genetically modified organism company?

DAVAO CITY — The University of the Philippines (UP)-Mindanao complied with an order from the city government issued last week requiring the uprooting of genetically modified eggplants under field testing inside the campus at this city’s Mintal district, about 20 kilometers from downtown.

The uprooting came about after Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio ordered the halting of field testing after receiving a report from Leonardo R. Avila III, head of the City Agriculturist’s Office, that the state university failed to comply with basic requirements set by the city and the Bureau of Plant Industry particularly on public consultations on the field trial.


GM crops are not about feeding more people. GM crops are all about modifying crops to establish a MONOPOLY. A monopoly of fertilizers, a monopoly of herbicides, a monopoly in seeds and saplings. The same disaster that brought you patent medicine, is the same pattern that will bring in disaster with patent crops. Patent plants? Patented living things? That’s grotesque!

My health opinion is to stay away from genetically modified “food”. Never ever consume genetically modified “food”. Do not be a lab rat experiment to consume “new” man made freaks our ancestors never ate.

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