Live 1″ Long Tape Worm Parasite Segments Expelled in Poop Due to Recent Raw Garlic Binge Eating

Fact about the prevalence of tape worms in humans: You have tapeworms. All people on earth have tapeworms.

“The books say we have tapeworms from our conception to our death, we live in their world. The human body has millions of tape worm eggs, the very dust we breathe has tape worm eggs, etc…Dr. (Hulda) Clark suggest we have 1 adult tape worm at a time, she can be 1 foot to 70 feet long depending on your life habits.

Can anyone be tape worm free? NO.

Can we live in peace with tape worms, YES.”

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Past 2 days I’ve been noticing 1″ long seeming tapeworm segments in my poop. This time I chose to observe intently to confirm: I just took a dump this afternoon and observed the 1″ tapeworm critters. Seems they are feigning immobility. A minute or 2 of stillness and they started moving! Ha. Confirmed. They’re alive! Counted 4 this time.

So I have tape worms coming out of my poop. Tape worms are not bothering me at the moment. It’s good to know all humans have tapeworms, it’s just to know when to take action and what action to take is the question. There are pro parasite removal people like Barefoot Herbalist MH and Hulda Clark. There are pro parasite coexistence people like Aajonus Vonderplanitz and Andreas Moritz. I have always taken a middle stand. I believe if we are at peace with our parasites, do nothing, when they bother you, do something until you find that peaceful middle ground.

I had talked with the Beam Ray expert Romy Macapagal and he says tape worms are the toughest parasites to remove of all via Beam Ray. Is that some kind of almost admission that tape worms do indeed rule the earth and we just have to coexist with them? Seems so.

So why now? Why are tapeworm segments being expelled now? This is my theory:

Lately we’ve been having a lot of horse meat, some 2 weeks already. And our favorite recipe is raw horse ceviche with a lot of strong real tuba vinegar plus lots of raw garlic and some pepper. Lately I’ve been eating this almost everyday, plus fresh horse meat, and sometimes raw duck eggs and fruit. It’s the GARLIC!

Maybe just like any normal human I’ve had tape worms for a long time but it is only lately that I’ve been eating raw garlic consistently in large quantities. So maybe I stirred the tape worms in my system and they are scampering out irritated.

Of course there is most of the population who thinks I got tape worms from my raw meat diet. Well I had liver flukes on my SAD diet. And as the parasite experts say, YOU have tape worms, all humans have tape worms, their eggs are everywhere in the air you breath. Try proving this to yourself and eat 2 full cloves of raw garlic a day with your food for a week, it’s easy.

Why I think the tape worms aren’t bothering me is I just came from a bad case of intestinal flora depletion and more than a month ago I went on a various probiotic binge to restore my gut health. It worked fantastically so. In a month I seem to be gaining good weight. I know my pants are tighter and my face is rounder and people I have not seen for over a month have noticed too and told me so. So if the parasites were really harming me, why do I feel good and am gaining good weight?

I’m thinking this is all a happy garlic eating accident due to good horse ceviche. Happy to learn more about parasites, what to possibly do, and why there are many other illnesses that may be parasite related. For example my thin 9 year old boy may be parasite infested. I might as well push through with my garlic, pumpkin seed, pineapple, papaya experiments against parasites and see that the lessons I learn are applied to my 9 year old boy. Another example is my uncle with the brain tumor may really have brain parasites.

I was thinking of beam ray plus herbal dewormer combo, but then I’m thinking, this raw garlic is already doing a terrific job of expelling the parasites, why spend more? Plus food is always safer than electrical gadgets or herbs. But time will tell if I get to use those tools in the future.

P.S. What about that acupuncture I had the previous week? That was intense! Could that have contributed to expelling tape worms? Hmmm….

P.S.2 What about pineapple feasting? Pineapples are plenty in our markets. I could do a 3 day to 5 day pineapple binge and kill the tapeworms. Then add psyllium husks to bulk up stool to mechanically scrape out all the tape worm heads. Then flush them out with a powerful colon cleanser like Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and Castor Oil.

P.S.3 What about that sitting in sugar water? “First fill a half bath , up to belly button sitting, then add a pound or two of White Sugar and sit in the bath for a half hour to an hour. The proff said the Tapeworm will come out to get the sugar water as Tapeworms are attracted to sugar water.” From

I like the train of PS thoughts. Sounds war like.


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