Paleo Diet Ice Candy with Mangoes and Coconut Cream

It is mid-April and we are in the peak of a hot summer season. My wife and children decided to make paleo diet ice candies made from ripe raw mangoes and fresh raw coconut cream. Here is the super simple recipe and pictures:

Buy your very ripe mangoes, make sure they are naturally ripened, they should smell sweet.

Buy your coconut niyog and have it shredded.

At home slice open the mangoes

Press your shredded coconut meat and get the coconut milk / cream.

Get your ice cubes from your ice tray.

Put the combination of mangoes, coconut milk and ice cubes in a food processor / blender. And blend.

Pour in standard plastic ice candy wrappers.

Put in freezer.

Enjoy later in the mid-afternoon heat.

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