Birth Control Pills and Children Leukemia Cancer Link?

Children born with cancer. Children born with leukemia. So where does that come from? In born the doctors say. So it means the disease came from the mother. So it seems mother’s toxic waste were dumped in their babies. Too bad. There may be a pattern here, birth control pills may be the cause of in born cancers and leukemia.

The premise is, if a woman takes birth control pills or similar hormonal and chemical contraceptive for several years before attempting to get pregnant, the hormonal, chemical and toxic waste built up on her may be transferred to her next baby.

I was witness lately to a 3 year old boy, gaunt from leukemia treatments by his provincial hospital. I interviewed the mother. This is her 4th child. The first 3 children are healthy. After her 3rd child, she took birth control pills. Then they tried for a fourth child after 4 years of birth control pills. This 4th child was born with leukemia.

There’s your clue right there. Anyone willing to finance such a study? I’ve told you where to look, so if anyone is willing to finance a study, start studying and expose this childhood cancer holocaust the world is experiencing.

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