Filipino Says Marquez Won the Fight Against Pacquiao: Judges FAIL

Hey! I just watched the Pacquiao vs Marquez III fight live. I saw Marquez beat Pacquiao in each and every round. Pacquiao just could not get at Marquez’ rhythm and Marquez has Pacquiao’s movement predicted and scores a round win every time.

By the 9th round I was chearing on Pacquiao, come one man, knock him out, that is your only chance. But Pacquiao just could not reach Marquez’ number. At the end of round 12, even Pacquiao knew he lost, even his corner knows he lost… you can see it in their eyes. I as a fellow Filipino accept that he lost. Come on, even fight 1 and fight 2, Marquez just wins over Manny.

Then the judging, I expected a unanimous decision in favor of Marquez. Then comes the results, majority decision… in favor of Pacquiao????? WTH kind of rigged judging is this? This is so unfair for Juan Miguel Marquez for the 3rd straight time.

Marquez WON but the judges again CHEATED Marquez out of victory. Maybe we the Filipino People should give Marquez our own BELT and Thank Him for putting up such a great fight against Manny.

Well, I myself will humbly express my gratitude to Marquez for being such a great fighter and being the antidote to Pacquiao. I hope big sponsors will hire him to do commercials showing how great he is vs Manny. Some public recognition that yeah, with our own eyes we saw Marquez beat Manny Pacquiao.

There is more honor in accepting defeat at the hands of a skilled fighter who just has your number than “win” at the hands of skewed judging.


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