Gained Weight on Raw Paleo Diet in 2011

I’m happy to report I achieved the weight gain I yearned for in the past 2011. I started 2011 with some tape worms and at 124 pounds. I got rid of the tape worms with a herbal parasite cleanser. That allowed me to gain some weight.

When durian season came in September I gorged on it daily. Even today I found a source of delicious frozen durian and it is well worth the expense. With durian as a staple food in my raw paleo diet I was able to gain weight up to 136 pounds by December 31, 2011.

I did lose some weight when my first son got into a mega health crisis with all my energies and facilities concentrated at his disposal. But I gained my weight back when my boy started getting better by December.

So after 4 years of raw paleo diet I am able to see how to lose weight and gain weight.

Gaining weight for me is just about eating very nutritious durian. Losing that weight will merely involve stopping the eating of durian. Which I guess I should be doing after a few weeks.

I should get into something physical and make a new and attractive body for myself. Still in the planning stages of my 2012 year.

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