Longevity by Li Ching Yuen 197 or 256 Years Old. Died 1933.

Awesome idol of a guy. And I thought 120 years old was to be an achievement. Now with this guy Li Ching Yuen is said to have lived either 197 or 256 years old.

We raw paleo dieters should be able to crack this code.


Now that I’ve found health in raw paleo diet and lifestyle, my next health goal is longevity, like this guy.

Mr. Li had 23 wives, 200 children, was a herbalist, martial artist and military tactical advisor with the Chinese government.  And at the same time, Li was 7 feet tall, a giant!

The secret of longevity according to Li Ching Yuen

  • Tranquil mind
  • Sit like a tortoise
  • Walk sprightly like a pigeon
  • Sleep like a dog

I just realized.

We raw paleo diet and lifestyle practitioners are the 21st century “hermits” and with global communications, a few of us will surely be able to do this longevity thing too.

I believe in cumulative knowledge and each generation trying to be better than the previous one.

Li Ching Yuen in 1927

Searching around the internet and it is such a laugh how those who have no Chinese arts contact think this Li Ching Yuen is a hoax. FYI, I’ve got some of the pieces already:

– My friend JM is a student of JD who is a master of internal martial arts and practices those Quigong techniques. And I’ve attended several sessions with JD.

– My friend SJS is a Kung Fu master, traditional chinese medicine practitioner, master acupuncturist and full time master holistic healer.

– My teacher MH in one of his lessons taught about the ancient breathing technique exercises that led to long lives.

– As Network Administrator and practitioner of the Raw Paleolithic Diet and Lifestyle, we modern day hermits are networked and talk about these things.

Longevity and health can be taught. Like this 109 year old black guy who has a book and gives talks on longevity. He learned about longevity and health from his own father while he was growing up. So he got a big boost right there.

Then there are the medical advances of the 21st century. My own father in law to this day never imagined he would live through his 70s, he used to think humans only lived for 50 years old. My paternal grand parents and great grand parents were centenarians, I’d have to be an improvement with all this knowledge at our fingertips.


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