Johnriel Casimero Boxing Win vs Lazarte in Argentina Marred by Shameful Riot

Holy crap! Fast rising boxing star Johnriel Casimero knocks out Lazarte after a grueling dirty fight.  I have to give it to Casimero, he can sure take those hard punches and still fight.  Lazarte ran out of gas and was eventually hit by a big blow in the 9th round.  Lazarte ran on empty coming into the 10th round and was knocked out.

Johnriel Casimero

Lazarte was so frustrated with the fight he decided to go dirty with moves like Mike Tyson trying to bite Casimero twice… probably can’t reach the ear so he goes for the shoulder.  Then he resorts to accusing every good shot as a shot to the nape, then play acting that he was hit below the belt.  Ahhh well, the spirit to win is there at all costs.

What was surprising was the poor sportsmanship of the crowd that was watching!  How much are seats to watch this kind of fight?  Hooligan rioteers, unbelievable in such a well sponsored fight.  What is unbelievable is they invite a foreign fighter, and do not show any appreciation for his visit.  I heard Casimero only received 15,000 dollars for this fight.  And his entire team gets beaten up by a mad crowd!  Unbelievable.

I’ve got a secret to divulge here. Listen up. I think Johnriel and I are related. Yeah, Johnriel has that look as my relatives in the Visayas provinces. And I’m quite sure the spelling of Casimero with the “e” means he’s from our fragmented clan. Maybe descended from one of my grandfather’s other brothers. I’ll have to ask my Aunt to trace the lineage.

Here’s hoping Johnriel gets better training so he can be shaped up to be a greater fighter in the future. Congratulations!

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