Children Begin Deworming with Humaworm Today for 30 days

My 3 children begin deworming with for children starting today June 28, 2012 and it will run for 30 days.  Day 1 starts now for 2 children 8 and 9.  My 8 year old girl takes 1 capsule at 6:30am everyday before breakfast so the worms get the dewormer first.  My 9 year old big boy gets 1 capsule at 6:30am and one capsule at 6:30pm before breakfast and before dinner.  My 11 year old boy will begin deworming maybe this weekend as I wish for him to finish a round of egg yolk liver flushing and orange juice fast before I begin deworming him.

We have used in the past with these children.  This may be the 3rd time I’ve dewormed my children.    My 11 year old boy is small due to his intestinal damage which I’ve documented well in  And my 8 year old girl is getting thinner and has markedly less appetite the past few months.  My 9 year old big strong boy is awesome strong. is freshly made when ordered then mailed via post.  I got mine in probably 3 weeks?

Deworming is essential.  We keep adult strength dewormer from at home for emergencies.  In January 2011 I dewormed myself with adult for 30 days to get rid of tapeworms that were literally robbing me of nutrition.  No matter how much food I ate I couldn’t gain weight and was stuck at 123 lbs.  After my deworming I bounced up to 135 pounds, all on the same raw paleo diet I was eating for the past 4 years now.

I hope this helps the kids grow to approach their growth potential.

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