ABS Advantages and Disadvantages

Anti lock brake systems are not new.  ABS has been around for at least a decade.  Somehow it has been proven reliable enough.  ABS disadvantages: The only disadvantage with ABS is extra cost.  If you are strapped for cash, you may think of getting a new car without ABS.  On the other hand, the little extra for ABS might save you from a couple of accidents.  And if you are paying the car on loan, the difference in monthly payments may not be that much.

The best case / comment for ABS advantages is:

The discussion about ABS and breaking distance is absurd.

Some facts:

1. When wheels are locked, a car skids.

2. A good use of the brakes (maximizing braking power but avoiding skidding) stops a car in a shorter distance. This is what experts do.

3. ABS electronically implements precisely (2), beating any human in reaction time and braking precision.

What are exactly the arguments of “ABS deniers”? That skidding is better than not skidding or that an expert can beat ABS when braking?

We just bought a new car. With the extra big discount loyalty promotions being given for the more expensive model with ABS, we got the more expensive model just for the ABS. The difference turned out to be just $500 after the discounts, so we got the one with ABS. This car will ferry our children to and from school every day. So the extra money was worth it for the extra safety, extra peace of mind as a parent.

See this convincing video why ABS is a must.

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