RH Bill Revealing Statistics and Sexy Filipinas

If you think those pictures of Filipinas on Google Images today in 2012 are too sexy for their own reproductive good… imagine how much sexier our grand mothers were in the 1960s…

RH Bill 2012… aka Responsible Parenthood… aka Population Control… because the main idea, the thesis is that Filipino women are multiplying exorbitantly like rabbits and these Filipino women need to be taught “Reproductive Health” which is really AGAINST reproduction and AGAINST health… which has everything to do with contraception… or how not to make babies… condoms, pills, injectables, IUDs, patches and ligation to clamp down on the Filipina’s oozing sexuality and over fertile charms… to save on building more classrooms as President NoyNoy just said in his SONA 2012.

Filipinas are too sexy for their own good
Filipinas are too sexy for their own good… they reproduce like rabbits. This is why they must be slapped with the RH Bill and every contraceptive arsenal available… now to be called “essential medicines.”

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Our grand mothers in the 1960s were tons sexier with 7+ children per woman as the NATIONAL AVERAGE at that time! Oooohhh lala grandmas!

Let’s discuss the basis and holy grail of RH Bill supporters – that Filipinos are being allegedly DENIED access to contraception:

“In the Philippines, access to contraceptives is limited for the most part to those with the means to pay. The Catholic Church has fought a “reproductive health bill” in the legislature that would change that.” — http://soc.li/84DB5Wi

Along with the heart warming example:

But after her third child was born, the mayor of Manila — with the blessing of Roman Catholic bishops — halted the distribution of contraceptives at public clinics to promote “a culture of life.” The order put birth control pills and other contraceptives out of reach for millions of poor Filipinos, who could not afford to buy them at private pharmacies.

“For us, the banning of the pills was ugly,” Naz said. “We were the ones who suffered.”

At 36, she had more children than teeth, common for poor women after repeated pregnancies and breast-feeding.

— http://soc.li/84DB5Wi

Going to the discussion I had over in Facebook, this is how it went:

Is this single example true for the entire population of Metro Manila?  Are Metro Manila citizens DENIED knowledge and access to contraception?

I said:

“Total Fertility Rate of women in Metro Manila these days is around 1.5 to 1.7 children per woman. Replacement TFR is 2.3 for a developing country. Meaning Metro Manila is BELOW replacement TFR in 2012. The example given is the statistical insignificant oddity. Double check with the NSO (National Statistics Office) for factual fertility statistics. Billions of pesos to be spent needs to match with statistical facts, not figments of the imagination.”

And an RH Bill supporter said:

“Pretty sure the example you’ve given is the oddity Edwin. Total Philippines TFR is pretty well double the Manila figure.

Meanwhile, when I lived in Cebu I found that compared to other countries I’ve lived, buying contraceptives was unnecessarily difficult and embarrassing. Happy to go into details if you’d like.”


So of course I went on to REVEAL STATISTICS to show this alleged NATIONWIDE Philippine “embarrassing statistics”… Let’s see now together shall we?

Click http://goo.gl/rAOLa to Google for “total fertility rate Philippines” and the first result shows the graph of the total fertility rate of the Philippines from 1960 to 2010… FIFTY (50) solid years of statistics.

TFR Philippines 1960 to 2010: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3
TFR Philippines 1960 to 2010: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 according to the World Bank and graphed by Google. Look at that slope. It’s a straight line, get a ruler to extrapolate the next 10 years and the next 20 years. And this is without any RH Bill.

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Did you see the pretty downward slope? Without the EXPENSIVE RH BIll, the downward slope of TFR is TRUE and SURE. It is downwards… 7+, 6, 5, 4, 3… NATIONALLY. And 3.0 TFR is not so far away from replacement level of 2.3 for a developing country… right? It is GREAT that figures like these are now PUBLIC.  There is no excuse for ignorance in 2012.

So where is the MATH RATIONAL for a multi-BILLION peso expensive RH Bill when the hard statistics show that today’s women are already CONTRACEPTING IMMENSELY and ASSUREDLY… Filipina women today are definitely NOT DENIED access to information and products for contraception… The very notion of contraception denial is a total LIE.  Publicly available statistics at your fingertips EXPOSE the RH Bill LIE of contraception denial.

So what do RH Bill proponents really want?

1. Are depopulation supporters UNHAPPY with the 50 year DOWNWARD SLOPE of the Philippine TFR?  Do they want a STEEPER crashing slope to the eventual moratorium on sex and baby making?

2. Are the depopulation supporters UNAWARE / IGNORANT of this very public downward sloping TFR statistical graph? (This I guess is the most likely.)

3. Depopulation supporters want Philippine progress? Do you think all that the Multi Billion Pesos you wish to SPEND on a SURE WHITE ELEPHANT called the RH BILL be put to better use for more WORTHY endeavours where STATISTICAL STUDIES might actually support your imagined NEED?

RH Bill supporters should stop being fixated with religion and Catholicism. The main issue is STATISTICS, Numbers, Graphs, Peso Costs… Present and Future Benefits. Just like a real CEO of a company needs solid justifications / proof for massive multi-billion peso spending. The graphs DO NOT show the worthiness of spending BILLIONS of PESOS on a desired outcome (drastic depression of the TFR) that has ALREADY BEEN ACHIEVED. That of suppressing / clamping down / dampening of the sexy Filipinas appeal for skin to skin real sex.  Hello… WAKE UP, this is not the 1970s…  the year is 2012… the figures have been tallied.

Since the TFR is already assuredly sliding down lower and lower from 7 6 5 4 3… and eventually replacement level TFR 2.3, you depopulation fans probably need to give yourselves a pat on the back that yes… all the USAID funding for population control since the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s have been truly effective. That contraception education saturation is already a complete success. It is time to move on to more worthy projects that BILLIONS of pesos will SOLVE.

This has been a public service message to present a rational discussion in place of Anti-Catholic hysteria.

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