Spleen Health, Spleen Detox Experiments and Exploration

My recent challenges with home air pollution and tooth decay and a major chicken pox outbreak shows I’m not superman… not there yet. Seems I may be missing something. I looked at the Hirata Zone diagram and saw a spot where the chicken pox outlet grew but not really healing… points to the spleen.

The Spleen from Wikipedia

Ah the spleen as described here in http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/family/yin-organs2.htm :

“In traditional Chinese physiology, the spleen plays a central part in the health and vitality of the body, taking a lead role in the assimilation of nutrients and maintenance of physical strength. It turns digested food from the stomach into usable nutrients and qi. Entire schools of medicine were formed around this organ; the premise was that all aspects of vitality depend on the entire body receiving proper nutrition from the healthy functioning of this essential organ.”

The spleen likes warmth and dislikes cold. Since the digestive enzymes require warmth to break down food properly, excessive consumption of cold foods and drinks can impair spleen function. Foods that are warming and easy to digest, such as soups with grated ginger, benefit spleen function.

And in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spleen_%28Chinese_medicine%29

“Its associated body fluid is saliva.

The Spleen’s function (i.e., the Spleen-qì) is said to be strongest between 9 and 11am. When the Spleen is functioning well, digestion will be good, the muscles will be strong and circulation will be efficient. Dysfunction of the Spleen typically presents as diarrhea, malnutrition, edema, weak/atrophic muscles, greasy taste in the mouth, or excessive bleeding.[7] The Spleen is especially weakened by the Pathogenic Factor ”Dampness”.”

If the associated body fluid is saliva. Then improving my spleen will improve my saliva. Which means improved dental health. Wow, that works out really great if I could do it right? Tooth decay cure here we come. Not just me, but for my 11 year old boy as well.

I looked up spleen cleansing and spleen nutrition and found lots of references to GINGER. Now I’m thinking NOT to make ginger tea… but to eat raw ginger. Break off a piece and chew on it regularly at least once a day. Get ginger nutrition intact and at full power RAW.

I’m also thinking of buying fermented ginger from the Korean / Japanese grocery. Eat it everyday. Probably focus on ginger too not just for myself but for my 11 year old boy as well.

Spleen health, as I was given advice before by Romy Macapagal the beam ray and energy devices healer, more hydration… and as I read, always add some lemon to your water… I personally hate plain water. So there you go, buy more lemons.

I had a home visit by the great Barefoot Doctor Sifu Jen Sam, he gave me acupuncture treatment and then gave me some traditional chinese medicine herbs in the process.

Sifu gave me Panax Ginseng Extractum, Pine brand: 3 capsules every morning before breakfast on an empty stomach. I’ve taken it twice so far. It’s a brand Sifu trusts. In the box it says 2 capsules once a day, but sifu upped the dosage by 50% for me. I see he wants immediate therapeutic effects.

Sifu mentioned something about 6 year old Ginseng like this that it has so much trace minerals in it it depletes the soil and when you eat it, it all goes to you the person for your benefit.

Interesting that ginseng is a root crop just as ginger is a root crop. Maybe my body needs root crops nutrition. Eat more raw root crops.

Sifu also prescribed Teng Shueh Pills, Cow Head Brand. 4 capsules 3x a day for me. I’ve been a bad patient so far and have only taken this 2x per day for 2 days. Need to up it to 3x tomorrow.

In the package it says: “Cow’s Head Brand Tung Shue Pills” is to heal the diseases of the Liver and Viscera, preventing the blood vessel to be solidified, to help the circulation of blood which get through and soothe heat and clean blood route to prevent hypertension and remove congestion from brain. It is very effective for eliminating poison in whole body and waste and drive out amassed blood and promote the function to push and transport blood which will make the body more comfortable.”

Sounds good. And the same Tung Shueh Pills were prescribed to my 11 year old boy as well. Maybe this will be the last stage in his healing. The boy only gets 2 pills each time. They need to be crushed and pounded each time. They are hard little balls of a complicated combination of different Chinese herbs.

I will probably do a special post on each one of these Chinese supplements just to document them.

Interesting that the spot below my left knee which seems to point to spleen distress this evening 2nd day I’ve taken these things seems to be subsiding.

If I look at my history which I relayed to Sifu Jen Sam, my blood really does need cleaning. I’ve lived for years with 7 amalgam / mercury fillings, they were removed / replaced by a biological dentist. I lived with thousands of brand new smelly vehicle tires for years. In the same old house for years we had a lead casting machine that melted lead and spew out fumes of course and handled the lead products. And I worked at gas stations too with all those gasoline and diesel fumes. Plus all the fast food and gmo food I ate through the years and stopped just 6 to 7 years ago.

I’m very much interested and hopeful of good results with this latest basic traditional chinese herbs from Sifu. I have seen him prescribe this to several patients before. It is basic blood cleaning for the TCM. And blood and spleen are very important in chinese medicine.

I’m interested because this will be hitting 2 birds with one stone. That’s me and then my 2 boys. Maybe this is the last step for my 11 year old boy’s health and the last step to eliminating the eczema on my 9 year old boy’s legs. I’ll just have to be several steps ahead of them and experiment with myself first. Learn from Sifu while he is still around.

More about spleen health is massage. Massage oil like virgin coconut oil I spike with lemon juice? Interesting. And exercise, more lymph related, jump up and down the trampoline.

Further research and exploration on spleen health and spleen detox is needed. I will have to look at Chinese and Ayurvedic teachings for the spleen. Eventually make a spleen entry in my curemanual.com website once I have all this synthesized.

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