Tung Shueh Pills: Cow’s Head Brand Review by TCM Healer Sifu Jen Sam

Circulation of Blood – Strengthen Bones & Muscles: Cow’s Head Brand – Tung Shueh Pills by Hong Kong Ta Ang Pharmaceuitcal Company. The first packet my son and I consumed was Lot: 01 03 11 Exp: 02 2016. Bought from TCM healer BarefootDoctoroftheFuture.com Sifu Jen Sam. With video introduction from Sifu Jen Sam himself:

“…These great pills I call them Cow Head Pills. They’re sort of made like that… and these pills are absolutely amazing when you crush them into powder, they actually clean the blood and actually help to circulate the blood, but most importantly they help to strengthen the bones, the sinews and they create marrow which is really what’s important about this which is great for kids so it strengthens their bones and makes it stronger and it takes away pain and circulates the blood including cleaning.”

“How many pills to take?”

“Basically 4 pills 3 times a day for adults, for kids you can cut it down to half… and you just mix it into the food and to the soup or their juices, put it in a way where they sort of don’t have to taste it… If they don’t mind a little taste of bitter, a little taste of herbs… then let them have it straight… with a little bit of warm water… it’s very very good.”

Hear that? Total absolute endorsement from the great Sifu Jen Sam himself vouching for the effectiveness of Tung Shueh Pills Cow’s Head Brand… plus safety too. I asked him how many days I can give Tung Shueh to my boy and he said indefinitely. Hmmm… indefinitely is a long time. I’m looking forward to making him strong enough so he becomes independent of these pills.

My 11 year old boy likes the taste of these pounded pills. We got tired of pounding and learned we can crush the pills in our molars.

Results so far after 5 days of taking is that even on a cooked paleo diet, my 11 year old boy is no longer itching in his legs which would open up with eczematic fluid on cooked diets… but stop on raw or fasting. So this blood cleansing and blood circulation thing works. Hopefully the spleen and pancreas and liver and kidneys all getting cleaned up.

I’ve been taking these pills too and my chicken pox marks are cleaning up faster. Maybe when my boy and I were just overwhelmed with the chicken pox and other past diseases we just needed a little push, a little help. I hope this improvement continues for my own boy. His long story is at www.eczemacure.info for those interested.

I’ve done some initial research on the internet about Tung Shueh Pills Cow’s Head Brand and it seems there has been a demolition job to discredit the sale of these pills in the USA where of course big name pharma monopolies are in danger of being knocked out of the market by pure Chinese herbal superiority. Seems they were making wild accusations of precursors to “valium” or that it included tiger bone.

Then there is the thing about Tung Shueh Pills Cow’s Head Brand being so good, so good it is the most pirated chinese herbal packets… so you aren’t sure if you are getting the authentic stuff. I saw that prices vary wildly from the Chinese drug store, to online retailers, and from Sifu Jen Sam himself.

Personally, to be safe, to be sure I only get the authentic Tung Shueh Pills, I will buy only from Sifu Jen Sam as first, I trust him. And this first batch works for me and my boy. And Sifu Jen Sam says he knows his suppliers and that as a healer who buys quite a lot of TCM tools and herbs, he must be given only the authentic stuff.

I did try buying from the nearby Chinese drug store and the packet I got looked similar, but not exactly like what I got from Sifu Jen Sam, so it may not have been authentic… I would not know… I will show this to Sifu when he gets back and compare notes.

ARRRGGGGG…. I just tasted these Tung Shueh Pills I bought from the Chinese drug store and they taste different. Fake man, fake. Money wasted down the drain. Glad I got into the habit of chewing on them. The taste is unmistakable, our tongues cannot be fooled by fake products.

I still have some authentic left over Tung Shueh Pills Sifu gave me the last time, the ones I never took. So we can wait a few more days until Sifu Sam gets back to Manila and sends me new supplies.

Pictures of AUTHENTIC Tung Shueh Pills: Cow’s Head Brand, packaging and literature.

Tung Shueh Pills Cow's Head Brand Literature
Tung Shueh Pills Cow’s Head Brand Literature… click to enlarge

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