Paleo Diet Recipe in Pictures: Paleo Pancakes!

My sister in law taught the children a nifty trick yesterday. So we all know flour / wheat / gluten is one a big bad no no in the house… so she looked up the internet for some fun cooked paleo diet recipe for pancakes! Pretty cool for children to toy around with huh? We had all the ingredients in our little village / compound:

– Lakatan Bananas and Saba Bananas
– Pure Vanilla Extract
– Maple Syrup and Wild Raw Honey
– Organic Raisins
– Organic Fresh Duck Eggs
– Ghee for cooking oil

The children had a picnic yesterday afternoon under the big santol tree with their paleo pancakes. My 9 year old boy make a new batch of paleo pancakes this morning for himself, his sister and his mom.

For me, it was quite interesting to see and learn that during my childhood we wasted money and nutrition buying pancake mix from the supermarket… when this concoction can easily be made at home. It does not look or taste any different from the commercial boxed pancake mix. Probably healthier too.

Enjoy the pictures of paleo pancakes:

Note that with the kids doing this recipe, they like it sweet. My wife couldn’t stand the addition of raisins, too sweet for her.

I also noticed how international this recipe was. Maple syrup from Canada, Vanilla from Madagascar and sold in the USA, Ghee from New Zealand, Raisins from the USA, bananas – eggs – honey from the Philippines.

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