RH Bill Soon to be Law in the Philippines. Warning to Parents to Guard Against the Sex Mis-Education of Our Children

Every man must sire a son, plant a tree, write a book… so goes the Chinese proverb. Do websites count?  FYI, I am melding together my pro-life advocacy writings, my pro-natal writings and my truth in real health writings for my own Sex Education for Children website.  It is a personal, my family only website, will also do books.  It’s to protect my children and further descendants from the soon to be pervasive sex mis-education to be spouted in schools and the department of “health” via the soon to pass “reproductive health” bill which has everything to do AGAINST reproduction and everything to do AGAINST health.

These law makers are gripped in the global depopulation FAD so they feel it is their duty to depopulate our people via poison sex mis-education… so children will be afraid of sex, afraid of pregnancy, will not form families.  FEAR will rule children with this sex mis-education rubbish.

What kind of sex mis-education to expect?  Take this 2012 UK Sex Education website. www.respectyourself.info (copy and paste in your browser ).  Read up and notice how beautiful the website is made to be.  But the content, ah, that is the mis-education killer.  Let me explain to you from my point of view as pro-family, pro-life and pro-true-health.

CRITIQUE of the Respect Yourself website (more like be afraid of sex and relationships mostly suck)

  • encouraging and expecting homosexuality (coming out) – that mis-educated rubbish that “no one knows why” some people are homosexual.  Duh… of course we do, we are in the true-health paradigm. I’ll spend a dedicated blog post on this topic.
  • obsessing over CONTRACEPTION (FEAR of pregnancy) and “emergency” contraception – through barrier methods, their favorite push is condoms… because children have zero experience with sex… their first perception of sex is with a condom is… low quality… sex sucks…. then all the plethora of poisonous birth control pills, iuds and whatever woman-poisoning invention… this is their idea of empowering women… I’ll spend a blog post on this too.
  • obsessing over the FEAR of DISEASE with a big section on sexually transmitted diseases.  Wooooo…. sex is the most dangerous thing… I’ll spend a blog post on this too.
  • a very sad, very bleak section on “Relationships”.  Total crap.  No happiness, no silver lining, no happy ending… just a sad lonely life… I’ll make a blog post on this too.


  • Where is the discussion on BABIES?  You cannot have sex education without baby development from conception to birth! NONE!
  • Where is the discussion on enhancing fertility and enhancing the chances of getting pregnant? Why only talk of avoiding pregnancy?
  • Sex life during pregnancy? Still having sex or pause from sex?
  • Where is the discussion on fertility awareness, natural family planning?
  • Teach the dangers, injuring, deaths, maiming and disease causing effects of hormonal, chemical and injurious methods of contraception.
  • Where is the pre-sex, pre-baby, pre-pregnancy health, pollution avoidance, healthy diet advice for successful, easy, healthy nutritious pregnancy?  NONE!
  • Where is the giving birth section?  Best practices, preparation, methods.  NONE!
  • Where is the FAMILY formation section? Courtship, Marriage, Parenting, Grandparenting… and everyone else involved in the extended family.
  • How about a section on siblings, having 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th or more children?
  • How about the changing sex life as parents? Romance while now parents? Our lives into old age? Geriatric sex? Life long marriage and successful cases of family living!
  • Where is the Parenting of Babies Section? Breast feeding? Parenting up to maybe 4 years old?  Then a summary walk through until their own children begin their own sex lives?  That would put a nice perspective on things now, wouldn’t it?  The human life cycle!
  • Point out POSITIVE stuff… Stop focusing on the negative… that leads to the dark side of the force.

As you can see, I pointed out a few things, but I’m sure there are other things you want and can think of.  My idea is to put a perspective on the life cycle of human beings.  Teach children that sex is not just titillation in their tiny minds… it is our duty to EXPAND their minds, their knowledge, their horizons, impart our wisdom… to have a POSITIVE tone, forward looking into the future, encourage happiness, encourage growth, maturity and responsibility!

My suggestion to fellow pro-lifers is, be involved in those sex education curriculum the rh camp is making.  Insert our positive spin on life.

We Pro-lifers need to make tons of websites and books and multimedia on our brand of REAL SEX EDUCATION.

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