Treatment Options for High Blood Pressure: Colon Cleansing Progress So Far with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea

Mr. O had been suffering from kidney related illnesses in the past years. He had UTI, he had lower back pain, he had erectile dysfunction, he had gout… all taken cared of by herbal kidney cleansers and apple cider vinegar and temporary raw paleo diet… But lately he had really high blood pressure – hypertension – to the point that his head hurt, his forehead hurt, his nape was in pain. Very high resting blood pressure at 150+ over 110+ at one time I measured it. Pain in the head is very bad.

Mr. O and his high blood pressure cure journey
Mr. O and his high blood pressure cure journey

Treatment option #1: Get drugs. Get a prescription to get high blood pressure drugs to artificially slow down the heart so there is no head pain. The possibility of suffering brain haemorrhage is a clear and present danger in this case. Drugs should keep him out of danger as a crutch while we do the REAL cure… curing the root cause of the problem. 1 week of drugs was enough for Mr. O. We go on to real cure.

Treatment option #2: In a crisis, go on a raw paleo diet. I supported his diet by letting him mooch my raw beef and fermented salted fish Padas and some of my fruits. He did a 1 day orange juice fast too. Mr. O also supplemented himself with apple cider vinegar in water and some raw garlic.

Dirty Colon from
Dirty Colon from

WHAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF MR. O’s High Blood Pressure problem?

Why are his kidneys overloaded all the time?
Why are his kidneys stressed all the time?
Perhaps the real root cause of Mr. O’s problem is not that his kidneys are having problems on their own?
Perhaps we should look at why his kidneys are being overwhelmed?
Maybe his kidneys are compensating for the failure of some other detox organ?
What if I told you that my pet theory is that the primary detox organ was the colon?
And that the colon being compromised of its detox functions… passes on the detox burden to his kidneys?

Why after all this time, Mr. O has not done colon cleansing?
Maybe it is time to do colon cleansing… which should have been the first step to every kidney problem in the first place!

Treatment option #3: Get Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea colon cleanser. Finish the entire 0.75 litre bottle. Probably 5 to 6 dosages at 1/2 cup each at night. The results after drinking two 1/2 cup dosages was recorded in this morning’s interview with Mr. O. The language was in Tagalog so I will do an English summary below. But you can download or listen online to the original Tagalog interview here:


Dr. Tam's Miracle Tea in 0.75 liter bottle January 2013
Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea in 0.75 liter bottle January 2013

In English: Mr. O says:

First Dosage of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea resulted in an unstoppable revolution in his bowels. He pooped stinky poop. He says his usual poop didn’t stink bad at all. But this time, this colon cleanse poop stunk really really bad!

Second Dosage of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea resulted in the most awful STINKY-YEST poop Mr. O had ever smelled. Stunk even worse than the first dosage!  This his poop was wet while the first dosage poop was dry.  Unfortunately he could not see his poop because it was very dark in his toilet.

Maybe the real reason Mr. O had been sick all this time was because of all the stuck up stinkyest poop / paste / glue in his colon.  Continuously poisoning his blood.  And that is why his kidneys were always being overloaded, cannot keep up with cleaning his blood.  His kidneys were doing heroic efforts, sacrificing themselves, but not enough.  His heart pumping ever so stronger to clean his blood through his kidneys… this is why Mr. O had high blood pressure.

The 2nd dosage of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea colon cleanser resulted in the elimination of his lower back pain. The 2nd dose resulted in the elimination of nape pain. He can now rotate his neck without pain.

This evening Mr. O. took his 3rd dose of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea. We will find out in my next blogs how his colon cleanses have helped him.

After the colon cleanses, I will teach Mr. O. how to do liver flushes to cleanse his liver for even more healing.

Real healing cures ALL… not just high blood pressure.

UPDATE on 3rd colon cleanse dose with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea:

Mr. O said his 3rd dose for colon cleansing resulted in the same stinkyest smell as his 2nd dose. Amazing to hear that he has more of that stinky poop inside of him. Mr. O says he has been rejuvenated, feels younger, seems to have lost his spare tire from his tummy. He just drank his 4th dosage this late afternoon. Let’s see how his 4th poop will be like. When will the stink be emptied from his body?

UPDATE on 4th colon cleanse dose with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea:

Mr. O said he pooped out finger digit sized black poop stones some almost 2 dozen of them. He would squish his tummy area to plop out the rest of them.

Afterwards on the next day he said he was still pooping extra, but now regular poop and not stinky any more. He is now waiting for the pooping to subside before taking his 5th Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea dose. If on the 5th dose no more special stinky poop comes out he will be declared finished of his colon cleansing. He can then move on to liver flushing.


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