Treatment for Cough and Phlegm: Beach, Fishing, Ocean Swimming and Snorkelling in Laiya Batangas

It has been more than a week of that pesky cough and phlegm “germs” that seem to be circulating the house and making some of us sick. There were my 3 kids and then grandpa. Our girl got well fast. But the 2 boys have missed a week of school. We put our foot down and said that we needed to go and visit a clean beach. Sea air will do them good. Venture into the ocean for fishing, and go snorkelling to see the choral and the fish in their native environment.

We went to my favourite beach area in Laiya Batangas. We first went to the fishing village I frequent, the Balakbakan fishing village, but my wife did not like provincial toilets and she needed better accommodations. Many of the resorts we tried were full, but we found accommodations in Sabangan Beach Resort. Very nice but 3x as expensive as the fishing village accommodations.

Beach Air – better than big city air.

Ocean Air – while on the fishing boat whole morning.

Direct sunlight – while on the fishing boat whole morning.

Clean ocean water while snorkelling and viewing the fish and the corals.

Refreshing, relaxing and too short. My children wanted to go back again… next week. Well, I’d like to, but we need to get cheaper accommodations. With just the children we can just stay in the fishing village. Or with just the kids we can sleep overnight at my friend Vander’s nearby home / farm and just go fishing swimming the next day.

There’s also the thought of looking for other fishing villages, less commercialized and cheaper. But that would mean an exploration trip for me again. Which is quite nice.

My 2nd boy, 9 years old got well on this trip and has gone to school this Monday morning.

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