Vitamin K2 Rich Foods Experiment Begins

Saturday was market day. I read and listened to this Vitamin K2 theory of Kate Rhéaume-Bleue, ND in at

Amazing insights that Vitamin K2 is activator X of Weston Price. Dr. Kate says that heart disease plaque build up is just like tar tar on our teeth. If we are high in K2 then we should not be building up tar tar on our teeth.

At the same time K2 makes sure calcium is put to good use in bones, and removed from arteries and removed from teeth.

Which confirms why raw paleo diet pracitioners report needing to brush their teeth less and less due to no tar tar build up.

So I bought the high K2 foods she’s recommending and testing them out. I got gouda and brie cheeses and natto (fermented soybean) and grass fed butter and grass fed duck eggs.
(technically these aren’t paleo but short experiments need to go on)

I bought beef that is sold as labelled really organic and am experimenting with this too over the wet market beef I get. Dr. Kate says her research shows grass fed but grain finished beef loses its vitamin K2.

Read her discussion in this pdf

Dr. Kate has a book. Out on Amazon: Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life.


The cheeses were expensive, I bought them at Rustan’s. Glad my boy liked Gouda. Natto tastes… not bad. But I read the condiment has MSG so I just used the mustard. Maybe vitamin K2 is what my boy needs to grow big and strong. We used quite a bit of this stuff with greenpasture butter oil when my boy was immensely sick. Maybe cheese is more palatable for him and it would make my parenting easier.

I am wary about the natto. It is made from soybeans. I cannot read the Japanese writings on the label, but it seems cheap so it may be from GMO soybeans. So maybe cheese, butter, eggs and grass fed beef will be a better source of Vitamin K2.

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