Vitamin K2 Experiment Progress and Changes with Raw Brain Traditional Recipe

So my vitamin K2 experiment goes on. How my tar tar had been removed by eating lots of vitamin K2 rich foods. I have given up natto, even if there are left over untouched natto in our refrigerator. GMO Soya in natto just gives me and my boy bubbles on the back of our fingers. As for the cheese, I have settled on the more expensive brie cheese: Brie de Meaux which is a raw cheese from France. As for the gouda cheese we have settled on the Mild Gouda for my boy as that is the gouda cheese he prefers. My boy has lost his appetite for cheese as it makes his poop hard and big. I seem to have adjusted my big hard poop but my poop frequency is less from every day to every other day. Certainly not good for the long term. In the refrigerator today I have some brie de meaux I just bought yesterday from Santi’s. Maybe it will be the last cheese I buy for now. I pair cheese with some unsalted Anchor Butter which is not raw but is grass fed.

Since cheese is expensive anyway, I have decided to switch foods to something equally expensive and more natural. I will switch K2 sources to maintain some raw organic duck eggs, raw beef brain and raw beef bone marrow… these seem to be the raw paleolithic diet sources of vitamin K2 and absolutely they are not constipating. I also have 2 batches of beef high meet in the refrigerator fermenting for me. The first batch will be ready in a week… I do not know if that will contain K2. What I do know is I would like my daily pooping to return. I will use tar tar build up on my teeth to monitor if I am getting enough vitamin K2. How about that for K2 sensing?

As promised here is the traditional raw beef brain recipe from the northern Ilocos province.

– 1/4 raw beef brain
– 5 to 6 calamansi or 1/2 a lemon
– a small onion chopped
– half a teaspoon of freshly chopped cayenne

Mix in a bowl, I just cut up the mushy gel like brain in roughly 1 inch cubes. The brain will keep for 1 week or more in the refrigerator. I eat just 1/4 to 1/5 of the brain each day. The purpose of the calamansi or lemon is to kill the sharp taste of fresh brain blood.

Access to brain may need some effort. I get raw beef brain in Farmer’s Market in Cubao. You have to be in the wet market before 7am to be able to buy one. The cost is around 80 to 100 pesos per brain. Sometimes you get part of the skull. You can have the bone of the skull chopped for addition in soup.

If the tar tar = heart disease clogging hypothesis of Dr. Kate is correct, then those wishing to clear their arteries merely need to go on a high vitamin K2 diet.

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