Off Grid Cabins, Restaurant, Tent Camping, Waterfalls: Jariel’s Peak at Km 94 Marikina-Infanta Road, Little Baguio

Our discovery road trip last Saturday to find a swimming hole yielded a precious gem of a find: Off Grid Cabins, Restaurant, Tent Camping, Waterfalls resort of sorts called Jariel’s Peak at Km 94 on the Marikina-Infanta Road in the area called Little Baguio, Brgy Magsaysay, Infanta, Quezon.  The restaurant front is a favourite of motor bike groups who frequent this road on weekends and holidays. It is this off – the – grid vacation set up that I am very interested in.  I’m lately investigating the benefits of getting off – the – grid for vacations, recuperation, healing.  Our electric, electromagnetic, EMF polluted, ground current polluted urban lives are just an epidemic waiting to happen if not already happening to many people.  It’s just too much I have resorted to turning off wifi at home and thinking of building myself a Faraday cage for sleeping.

Here is the google maps link to Km 94+ Jariel’s Peak on Marikina-Infanta Road and a visual google map to his place:

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I met the owner himself, Jariel.  Very interesting, very informative.  Jariel is a mountaineer who started in the early 1980s.  His mom recently suffered a stroke and the accompanying paralysis.  He looked for a place to live to nurse his mother back to health.  With his mountaineering knowledge he struck out Baguio and Tagaytay as too commercialized to be any good.  He found this place, off the grid.  His mother recovered pronto from her stroke paralysis and was now vacationing on her own in Canada visiting siblings.  Fast stroke paralysis recovery from being off-the-grid is a testimony to the benefits of being completely away from EMF and electrical pollution wherever civilization has touched, even most of the provinces are now urbanized, electrified.

This area is known as little Baguio, owing to Baguio City as the Philippines’ summer capital.  Jariel boasts that in his place, they are usually 2 degrees Celsius cooler than Baguio city.  You just have to have thick blankets especially at night.  And of course there is the fog or the clouds that at many times touch down.  It was an unusual sunny and cloudless day when I visited, usually, I would not want to get caught after lunch in this area as usually thick clouds are here and the visibility of the road is insanely short.  I had experienced and blogged one rainy 7pm nightfall with visibility of 5 feet and it scared me stiff.  So if you are ever caught in that kind of fog, just check in.

Accommodations for First Class and Log Cabins are 2,500 and 1,500 pesos per 24 hour day which includes breakfast. There is a choice of a log cabin near the restaurant and a log cabin deeper into the forest surrounded by trees.  You can also pitch your own tents for 250 per day for a 2 person tent and 350 per day for a 4 person tent.  We have an 8 person tent, I wonder how much for that?  Of course there is no air conditioning in the place, first there is no electricity, and the place is usually so cold, you will not need to lower the temperature any more.

Jariel says he has a generator he turns on from 6pm to 10pm at night for his guests.  Jariel says there are fire flies and their numbers are seasonal and by luck.  He boasts of beautiful stars as their location is high enough the haze is much less.  And there is no light pollution.  So all you astronomy geeks like me, you want to catch the meteor showers?  Enjoy the view of the milky way?  See the latest comet?  Jariel’s Peak is the civilized way to do it.  For people like me who have no experience mountaineering on my own setting camp on my own.

Jariel says he was full for this just past New Year. He made a promise to light fire crackers every new year’s eve. Last new year he fired off almost 150 firecracker rockets.

Jariel says he has beautiful waterfalls in his property.

Potable water is assured.  I saw Jariel’s jeep fetch water from the nearby spring waterfall, clean clear crisp cool drinking water that cannot be beat for freshness.  Makes me think this is a great place to do your fasting.  Thinking about diluted juice fasts or water fasts.  I remember my teacher Barefoot Herbalist MH saying you only do water fasts when you are in a pristine clean location… such as Jariel’s Peak then.  Hmmm…. nice idea.

The real problem for most urban workers is the off-the-grid thing.  Where, like me, I’m a network administrator, I am on call when bad things trip up.  Lately there have been simultaneous DDOS attacks on some of my shared hosts and this morning a dedicated server went off line due to a bad memory module, I spent a few minutes coordinating with the data center.  So there are extra preparations for you urban workers to be able to survive being off – the – grid for a while.  Remember that you will not get email, no electricity, no internet, no cell phone signal.

This is the place where you want to be grounded, to be barefoot.  There are no ground currents.  There is no electricity yet.  The first electric pole is still 1 km away.  So hurry up before the next electric poles are planted and get to Jariel’s Peak.  I had better hurry it up.

So in summary, what do I think I’m looking forward to staying at Jariel’s Peak?  Off-the-grid vacation.  Super clean air.  Super clean water.  Zero electrical pollution.  The coolest temperatures, cooler than Baguio.  This is the summer capital for me.  Only 3 hours away on a new very nice road it is impossible to get lost. If you are a biker, great food, great conversations, great stop.

You can find Jariel’s Peak on Facebook: Call or text 0915-6521473 / 0920-2212704

Enjoy these few pictures I took:

So how bad are EMF and electrical pollution? Check out these videos.

(Eric Dollard, still living Analog Hacker genius and his experience with unregulated EMFs harming people.)

and 2 part video: The Perils of Electrical Pollution

Ground current pollution is real, it harms dairy cows, it harms people. Think grounding or earthing is the solution? It may make you even sicker in a ground current polluted place. But in Jariel’s Peak, grounding would be ideal!

I would not be surprised if in the future every home had a room that was Faraday caged just for people to sleep in.

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