Healer Beth Pantilone Treats Bed Ridden 94 year old Grandmother for Stuck Veins and Tendons

You might assume Ms Beth is an ordinary massage export. No way. Healer Beth is a professional veins and tendons healer. Anything about veins, their position, their health, she knows. Veins and tendons are her thing. And with my 94 year old grand mother who is bed ridden due to painful injuries, she is the 2nd healer of 3 healers I have summoned. The first healer was the acupuncturist, chinese medicine and holistic medicine healer Sifu Jen Sam who took care of her wounds, opened up her nerves and initial circulation. This time, Ms Beth takes care of her veins in her right hip and right leg and the tendons injured in her right shoulder.

Upon seeing grandma, her live in care taker and grand daughter GG had explained how wonderfully grandma’s wounds were healing due to the attention of Sifu Sam and the food and drink being given. But we all know that is a side show. The true problem is the debilitating pain grandma is having so she cannot move. She is literally immobilized.

Ms Beth did her thing. She first identified what was the true cause. Found where some veins and tendons were in the wrong position or pinched. Fixed what she could fix. On the hips and thighs and on her shoulder. Then showed us where the limits of her healing lies. It is in the bones that are misaligned, misplaced. She pointed out the bones in her inner thigh and her hip on her right side. Those are it. When the expert bone setters such as the dorn healer does his job tomorrow, the following day Ms. Beth can come in again and do her veins again.

Ms Beth calmly predicts that after her bones are set and the veins and tendons are set, our grandma can walk again.

I think so too. She’s pretty healthy for a 94 year old. Still strong, if not for this debilitating pain.

The problem we have with her is language. She speaks Ilonggo and English if you make her conscious enough to speak in English slowly. Otherwise she shouts out her pain in Ilonggo which I don’t understand, her caretakers barely understand which for full translation we will need her daughter.

Beth Pantilone can be contacted via:
0917-790-6070 and 0907-167-0377
This session amounted to P 3,000
She came all the way from Los Banos, Laguna for this therapy session

She will be back soon after we finish setting grandma’s bones.

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