Stomach Ache, Puking and LBM? Amoeba, Virus, Bacteria, Parasite? This 3 part first aid combination worked!

Last week, a father and son named father E, 33, and son M, 4, had a worsening tummy ache / stomach ache. First it was his son M who was puking. First aid first was a Hulda Clark inspired Zapper by Don Croft… the Terminator Zapper. A small hand held device, put 20 minutes on almost 4 yr old son M. That brought relief but the following day boy M had tummy pains again. So that means the root cause had not been addressed.

What was curious was that the following day M’s father E seems to have caught the same thing. Puking plus loose bowel movements. Father E was down and just lying in bed when I arrived around 8pm at night. This is how treatment was administered.

1. 20 minutes of zapping with the terminator zapper on the tummy wherever it hurt. This will kill, disable, immobilize the possible amoeba, virus, bacteria or some parasite.

Terminator Zapper
Terminator Zapper

2. drink 1 tablespoon of activated charcoal in 1 glass of water. This will adsorb any bad chemical or pathogen.

activated charcoal
activated charcoal

3. wait for 30 minutes… then take 1/2 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea (for adults)… laxative… or maybe 20 ml of Castor Oil. After a few hours all the above will have been expelled and cleared of the stomach and the gut.

Same thing done with the little boy M. But the Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for the boy was only 1/5 cup.

Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea

An alternative laxative is Castor Oil, 20-30ml for adults and 10-20 ml for children:

castor oil
castor oil


Father E got to work at 9am the following day. Great results. Very fast, very easy. What pathogens or chemicals may have caused their tummy aches? I don’t know. They don’t know. Nobody cares… whatever it was, it was gone, both patients are cured. This was last week, no recurrence. Case cured.

This is the 3 item combination used for this case: Zapper, Activated Charcoal and Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea.

Zapper + Activated Charcoal + Dr. Tam's Miracle Tea
Zapper + Activated Charcoal + Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea