Yeast Infection Treatment / Cure on Pregnant Woman by Sifu Jen Sam

3 months pregnant, LC at 23, feeling horrible in many ways, many ailments… with the focus in this blog post about her yeast infection problem. Itchy, painful, inflamed down there in her vagina. Sifu Jen Sam to the rescue on this yeast infection treatment case. And the cure was administered in only 3 days by the patient herself. Read on to learn how this was done.

LC was lucky, her problem seemed like mostly external, as the treatment for this yeast infection was mostly just a douche of GARLIC and Chamomile Tea in water and put in a douche enema bag. Douche / wash vagina once a day with this fluid / tea and that was it. Internally LC needed better nutrition with saturated fats and good meats and less canned / less processed food. Another big deal with LC was the removal of FEAR from her daily thoughts as she had been brainwashed to be afraid by the “health center” doctors who she was first seeing.

First there was a good long lecture with Sifu Jen Sam and eventual treatment with acupunture for better circulation. Then a few days later upon assembling the yeast infection cure kit, Sifu Jen Sam taught me how to make the concoction, I taught LC via personal and the video I shot of Sifu, and then LC administered the concoction herself.

In just 3 applications, or 3 days with the douche, LC said her yeast infection symptoms had abated. Great!

I will assemble and upload the pictures and youtube video of Sifu Jen Sam teaching this yeast infection treatment / cure you can also do at home yourselves.

What you will need:

1. 1 Big clove of garlic or 3 small cloves of garlic.
2. Enema kit with douching attachment.
3. 1 tea bag of Chamomile Tea.

This page will be updated soon for the pics and the video.