How to Cure Gout outline for 2014

I noticed our neighbor limping this morning. He was just in his early 40s and he said it was due to old age. I said, “That’s not true, what is it really?” He said he had gout / arthritis.

Oh, that’s easy, I’ve taught his uncle, the village couple tailors, the village organic vegetable store owner, my cook, my driver, my wife how to cure gout, and they were all cured. Here is how gout is cured, with improvements to my gout cure protocol this 2014.

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Magnetic Pulsers: Bio Medici and Bob Beck Varieties for Healing

A few months ago my Bob Beck type magnetic pulser arrived. I’m not yet too adept at using it, but what I do know is it has the power to make stuck up things be unstuck and move to flow so your blood can then clean up the rest of what it needs to do. And you magnetic pulse daily on the various organs or areas where you see fit.

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Turpentine / Pure Gum Spirits For Healing Has Arrived… Exciting Experiments to be Done

Turpentine from Diamond G Forest Products

Turpentine from Diamond G Forest Products

Finally, after 2 months, my order of Turpentine aka Pure Gum Spirits from Diamond G Forest Products in Georgia USA has arrived.  This is a traditional remedy for many ailments from Candida to Morgellions or any other pollution that needs to be detoxed out of the body.  Mr. Tony Pantalleresco explains in two videos below… plus an introductory video by Dr. Jennifer Daniels on healing candida with turpentine.Continue Reading

Mayco Zapper / Bio-Zapper Energizer Review: UTI Symptoms on Pregnant Woman gone in 30 minutes

Pregnant woman “L” on her 7th month had a terrible bout of UTI. She went off of her once healthy diet and devolved into her old junk food diet. Which led to consequences… Urinary Tract Infections aka UTI. She had headaches, bad feeling all over, terrible pain under her belly, pain in her hips, white discharge, crying, screaming in pain called the neighborhood midwife / hilot to help… thought she was giving birth… the usual health center mantra told her, go get a lab test done… we suspect it to be UTI, and from there they can give you some antibiotics? Duuhhh… no antibiotics for pregnant women.Continue Reading

Sulfur Deficiency: The Big Bad Epidemic Challenge of the 21st Century

A big bad combination of things has emerged into this enormous challenge leading up to today in the 21st century. That of sulfur deficiency / sulphur deficiency. Our body is supposed to be made up of some x% of sulfur, and since we are not creating sulfur in our bodies, this sulfur has to come from elsewhere, the food, the air, the water, the drinks. But unfortunately, in the 21st century, the sulfur cycle is broken, and because of global pollution and urban living, our body’s requirements for sulfur has increased tremendously with supplies of sulfur curtailed because our soils have been depleted of sulfur from over farming and the use of sulfur deficient fertilizers.

If you look at the nutrition data tables for your favorite vegetables or animal foods, you should see that cruciferous vegetables, land animals and some sea food such as scallops are supposed to have a lot of sulfur. That in the older 20th century assumptions, no one should be sulfur deficient. But that is not the case today in the 21st century. The soils are depleted of sulfur. Cumulative years of the wrong farming practices. The vegetables suffer from sulfur deficiency, the animals feeding on the land suffer from sulfur deficiency, we people at the top of the food chain suffer from sulfur deficiency.Continue Reading

Idea: Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda Victims Should Eat UBOD / Pith of the Many Felled Coconut Trees!

The problem is how to feed the plenty of starving people, victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda. The answer is on the ground… the many felled coconut trees… inside is the pith, the “ubod” which can temporarily feed the millions of starving typhoon victims. Get the word out people, just give the people a couple of machetes so they can get all the ubod they need from the felled coconut trees.


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