I have stopped taking all vitamins and minerals because raw food works better

For those who may be reading my blogs you will notice a total absence of discussions about specific vitamins or specific minerals. I don’t like analyzing isolated vitamins or supplements. In my self experimentation, all the supplements and vitamins failed me. The best results I get is with true diet change, with real raw food.

Lately, that food has been raw fruits, raw sea weed and raw animal foods with raw wild ocean animal meats and the fats, raw and cooked fats, seemingly giving the best results. I’m very observant with the little signals in and around my body and I make judgments based on how I feel.

For feelings of coldness or inflammation, raw ocean fish works swimmingly well. My menu is still narrow. I’m slowly expanding my menu. Tonight will be kinilaw (dipped in organic vinegar) tawilis fish and some kind of raw sea weed.

I have observed there is a wider variety of ocean meats, I just have to painstakingly experiment and identify which ones are clean, what kind of food preparation is needed.

My latest interest is in the aquatic ape theory which seems to explain my observations in my health journey.

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